1. darling; sweetheart; a person loved by another; a person regarded as adorable.

2. a little eye.

Etymology: from Middle English piggesnye, earlier piggesneyge, equivalent to pigges “pig’s”.

[Yelena Bryksenkova]


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I like bread butts and I can not lie.


wings are way too much fun to draw


   "…Some interesting ephemera from [The Good Soldier's] later promotional history: nine index cards, ca. 1951, each containing this typed statement: 'Ford’s The Good Soldier is one of the fifteen or twenty greatest novels in English produced in our century' and signed and annotated by notable authors of the day. Evelyn Waugh amended the statement to say 'I think Ford’s The Good Soldier is one of the finest novels in English written in this century’; and hilariously, Christopher Isherwood offered his dissent, writing, ‘Sorry, but I don’t agree. Though I would gladly have signed such a statement regarding Parade’s End.’ Other enthusiasts include poet Horace Gregory, Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Jean Stafford, and longtime literary editor of the San Francisco Chronicle, Joseph Henry Jackson.” x




a song or poem to celebrate a marriage.

Etymology: from Greek pro- (before) + thalamos (marriage).

[Yelena Bryksenkova]

“I empty myself with light
Until I become morning.”

Charles Wright, from Littlefoot (via litverve)

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Title: L'il Red Riding Hood (cover)
Artist: Amanda Seyfried
Played: 248 times

What full lips you have they’re sure to lure someone bad, so until you get to Grandma’s place I think you oughta walk with me and be safe.